Morning Mist

Morning Mist

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Therapeutic aromatherapy mist

Botanical interior, pillow, and skin mist.

Uplifting, mood-booster. Floral spark.

Volume: 100ml

Help you turn off from your day's activities. Help you let go & rest completely. You can rest easy and dreaming peacefully after a few sprays

Aromatherapy Mist is designed for all-over use, selected from pure essential oils to transform your mood anywhere, anytime.

No synthetic Fragrance, Alcohol, and Phosphate


Close your eyes and mouth and spray your Aromatherapy Mist from above your head. Inhale deeply and let it transform your mood and wellbeing with an uplifting and refreshing blooming scent.

Prepare to start a day with full spirit and confidence. Natural perfume with therapeutic benefits fits for daily uses.


* Helps to heal burns, cuts, and itchy skin

* Perfect for Body, linen, and as a natural perfume

* Uplifting scent for motivation, mood booster, and refreshment.

* Selected ingredients of pure essential oils & floral extract.