Decency Spray
Decency Spray
Decency Spray
Decency Spray

Decency Spray

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Say goodbye to unpleasant aromas when you are doing 'your business' – be it in your friend or lover's house, your in-laws, you forget the bad aroma your body may have created when you are 'taking a load off'. Because let's be real, we have no control over the smell no matter what we do, consume or drink. So don't worry, keep calm and spray on because…

#1 Best Smelling Toilet Spray with Pure Essentials Oil will help your anxiety in a public area! 🚻🚽✅

Aromatherapy scented toilet air freshener 🌷& Sanitizer 🚽💦 

Size: 50ml glass bottle

With Essentials Oils :
1. Ylang YlangOils 🌿 boost your mood & Alleviate anxiety
2. Peppermint Oils 🍃 For Antibacterial in a public area

Besides smelling great, Esscential's Decency Spray is ethically made with *🍀100% Vegan ingredients*. Formulated using only plant-based extracts.

How to use it correctly & effectively: 
1. **Before defecating or urinating & using the toilet, spray 3-4 sprays into the toilet bowl & water in the toilet.
2. Then just urinate or defecate and flush when finished. Immediately feel the freshness and fragrant aroma that accompanies you in the bathroom, thus making the mood better. Can eliminate unpleasant odors.
3. Spray 2-3 more sprays before leaving the restroom (if necessary).

Decency Spray yet effectively with…
- Give a relaxing sensation that can help calm your mind every time use a public area🚽🌸
- suitable for long-term use & will help your anxiety when you wear a public toilet 🚻✅

Why Esscentials Toilet Spray?
- Toxic ingredients Free; 🚫#NonPARABEN 🚫#NonSLS
- NO chemical derivatives
- Natural foaming agents
- Concentrated Formula
- 100% Plant Based ingredients
- Refillable & Recyclable packaging 🌎 #SaveOurPlanet


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