Campfire Mist

Campfire Mist

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Therapeutic aromatherapy mist.

Free from alcohol, phosphate and paraben

Volume: 100ml

Botanical interior, pillow, linen, body and soul mist.

Tranquil. Soothing. Fresh rain.

Help you turn off from your day's activities, to let go & focus in completely. Rest your mind and stay balance after a few sprays.

Imagine the scented atmosphere of a stroll through the woods, breathing in the resiny scent of the pine trees and listening to the murmur of the forest.

Campfire mist evokes this tranquil experience in a blend of woody and citrusy-floral notes, to bring a feeling of harmony.


Close your eyes and mouth and spray your Aromatherapy Mist from above your head. Inhale deeply and let it transform your mood.

Mendukung saluran pernapasan, rasa mual dan sakit kepala. Gunakan dalam penerbangan atau mabuk perjalanan, setelah berjemur dan membantu meredakan rasa gatal, luka dan perih.

Semprotkan dari atas kepala, tarik napas dalam-dalam & biarkan itu mengubah suasana hati Anda. Siapkan untuk memulai beraktivitas/ olahraga dengan menyemprotkan ke rambut & seluruh tubuh.Terutama pada titik nadi: pergelangan tangan, belakang telinga & leher.

Gunakan usai mandi sebagai body mist untuk mengawetkan aroma tersebut.


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