No, but it will certainly make your process at checkout and payment much easier once your details are saved in the Kravewell database.

You can email us at contact@kravewell.com and tell us your products of interest. It will be available for purchase via Kravewell platforms once they are back in stock, or alternatively, you can find them via our stockists.

Once your order is processed and paid for, you will no longer be able to modify your order. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the items ordered before checkout.

After your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive it, kindly email us at contact@kravewell.com or reach us via WhatsApp Chat at +62 812 6888 2398.

There may be 2 reasons for this to happen:

1. Your item is a drop-ship item, and will therefore be shipped separately by the vendor.
2. Your item is a consignment item, and will be shipped directly from Kravewell via your chosen expedition service.

There should be a slip in your package which will indicate which of the items you have ordered are missing and how long it will take for the item to be shipped. Our customer service team will also reach out to you via WhatsApp or email to provide you with more detailed information about your item. You can also email us at contact@kravewell.com along with your order number titled: "MISSING ITEM: ORDER NUMBER XXXXXXXXX".


We have 2 payment methods for Indonesian orders: E-wallet / Virtual Account. Your order will be processed once we have received your payment confirmation.


Once your payment is confirmed, your order will be processed the NEXT DAY / in 24 hours. (Note that this process involves verifying the payment, preparing and delivering the goods to the shipping company.) You can track your order via the tracking number that will be sent via Email to you. 

If you wish to receive your order earlier, please contact us regarding your order via WhatsApp at +62 812 6888 2398 for alternative delivery options. 

Kindly email us at contact@kravewell.com or WhatsApp us at +62 812 6888 2398. Note that Kravewell is not responsible for loss of merchandise once it is processed by our shipping delivery service if the following reason(s) are: inaccurate or incomplete address. It is your responsibility to ensure that details are correctly inputted. 

We currently use JNE as our shipping service.

We ship orders on Monday – Friday. No shipments will be made on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Please make sure that you are around to receive your package.


Simply reach us via Email/WhatsApp with a visual unpacking documentation (such as a video format) upon product arrival along with your Order ID, full name, and contact details to help you with your request. For more information, you can read our "Terms & Conditions” page under “Purchase Orders”.

Yes! As long as it meets the following criteria:

1. The item sent does not align with what is promised by Kravewell;
2. The item is damaged;
3. The item must be untampered with;
4. The item is not a consumable product.

Simply reach us via Email/WhatsApp with a visual unpacking documentation (such as a video format) for the conditions above upon product arrival and we’ll help you with your request.

Once the package is received, the product will be analyzed by Kravewell for consideration before confirming the customer’s eligibility for an exchange process. In the case that an exchange is granted, the cost of delivery will be handled by Kravewell.

Please note that Kravewell has the right to reject exchange requests that do not meet any conditions stated above.

Unfortunately, product refunds are not allowed.

Customers will only be able to exchange products when conditions meet the requirements stated under clause 3.6 of our Exchange Policy.

For more information, kindly refer to our "Terms & Conditions" page under "Purchased Orders".