Get that sweat ON!

Get that sweat ON!

Who says exercising is only for those who want to lose weight? 

 Exercise builds and strengthens muscles, which can protect the bones from injury, and support and protect joints affected by arthritis. Strong muscles also give stability and improve balance and coordination. 

 There are many exercises that can help you build muscles such as muay thai. Muay thai is a combat sport and martial art similar to boxing. Muay thai focuses on punches, elbows, foot thrust and kicking.

 Whether you are a beginner who wants to try out muay thai, or a pro who wants to throw some punches for fun, we got your back! Our top pick for your new favorite muay thai class is located in the heart of Jakarta. 

 Muay Thai with Core Studio Jakarta

If muay thai isn’t exactly your cup of tea and would rather look for a gym to work out a good sweat, then look no further! Our top pick would be Rai Fitness, located in the northern area of Jakarta. Bookings are mandatory to secure your spot as safety and health protocol, so you do not have to worry about working out in crowded places! All the equipment is disinfected after every use.

 Build your strength today at Rai Fitness PIK